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Woww!! Omg no wonder your scans are just simply THE BEST. Especially for the magazine scans coz I see others and there's like the words frm the back page. And I was thinking was doesn't your scans have those. Woah the effort you put in T_T Thank you so muchhhh!!! You're really a wonderful person :))

Oh goodness ;;;; It’s ok sweetie  I’m just a perfectionist and won’t upload anything until it’s near perfect hehe

And that’s also the reason why I take so long to upload them (^^ゞ

But thank you for thinking so T__T *glomps*

But do you use photoshop? Do you use any software to make it more good? Thank you so much again~^_^

I’m so sorry for the late reply sweetie ;;

Yes I do use Photoshop to crop and resize my scans. I also use Photoshop to do extra editing too since I’m a nit-picky person and like my scans to look their best ^-^

The things that I like to do extra to my scans are as follows:-

1. Getting rid of specks and dust


2. Photoshopping out the book spine that splits an image in two


3. Unwanted behind pages fusing in with the image


The tools I use to achieve this are the

Patch Tool image and Clone Stamp Tool image 

In terms of colorization, I do not enhance this in anyway. However it comes out from scanning is how I keep it.

Hope this answers your question and good luck dear ^__^

omo stop calling us your dear aww why are you so sweet ≧◡≦ ❤❤❤

But-but it’s true sweetie, you are all my dears (≧ω≦)